My Challenges for the Next 24 Days

The biggest thing I have learned so far whilst doing my challenge is this: if you want to go to class, don’t spite yourself, just go to class. Often times the biggest challenge is just getting to class. So, if you want to go to class just remember your one and only responsibility is to get to class. Unless the journey to the studio will actually put your life at risk, just get to class and once you’re there the yoga will take care of itself. Twice this week I have felt absolutely exhausted and in days gone by I would have said to myself “too tired”. But now I’m thinking, if you have the energy to get to class, use that energy getting to class and once you’re in class you’ll find your reserves of energy replenished. Abracadabra. Just get to class.
Also: make sure you pee before Pranayama. Teacher no like student leave room. She say: no pee, sweat out instead. Ick.
I am one fifth through my challenge, this is what comes to mind when I think of the next 24 days:
  • Listen to the dialogue not the teacher. (I think we may already have covered this.) Can I keep breathing through everything, including my emotions?

  • I am going to ask you to visualise this one with your mind’s eye: *this* is yoga, *this* is waiting at a bus stop. Can I stop fidgeting completely between standing postures? 

  • There are times when my reflection in the mirror disgusts me still. Can I fall more deeply in love with my own reflection and understand my body as a miracle?

  • I can’t do this but I’m doing it anyway. Can I take my faith in this process to the other mechanics and paths in my life?

  • I’ve come to accept that 9 times out of 10 my mind will give up before my body does. Can I train my mind to trust and follow my body?

  • Lastly, can I forget about setting myself a load of pious challenges and have some fun celebrating my achievements so far? I’ve been to class six times in my new studio now and only just realised there is no clock in the studio and I don’t miss it. Yeah, baby.
Yoga means union.

2 responses

  1. i remember once, my friend wanted to go pee right as class was about to start. my teacher asked where she was going, then told her to hold it! now that student is at teacher training as we speak! you really do sweat it out and it’s a good way to learn discipline. and don’t judge what you see in the mirror, use your reflection to see your alignment. xo,m

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