The Start of a Love Affair

Yesterday at lunch with a couple of friends I was talking about my 30 day challenge and I said “this is the time I make it, I’m going to complete it this time”. And I totally meant it and believed it. (The closest I have got to completing before is 23 days.) And today, if I hadn’t been booked in to class online and missed the six hour cancellation margin, I wouldn’t have gone. Why? I don’t really remember except it was so comfy and cosy in the flat, and also I was booked into class with the Daddy’s Yacht teacher and I was a little apprehensive, I didn’t want another class like Friday. Which is hilarious considering yesterday’s post.

But I went. Yay me. Whatevs.

Anyway, so, it turns out class was outstanding. It was great. This guy is a really great teacher, though I might concede not to everyone’s taste and not too conventional with it but I guess that is the impression I get about Bikram himself, too, so perhaps that is all beside the point.

Again we got a slight lecture before class started, and he said some very interesting things. Summarising: we come to class to look for weakness and confront it with stillness and discipline and we come to class to learn to love ourselves unconditionally, weaknesses and all. If we discover a weakness and run away from it then that weakness will simply maintain, but if we try then over time the weakness will find the potential to become a strength because our bodies are miraculous.

His style is very dynamic, he prowls around class and is relatively hands-on. And he has dash and theatricality – he did this little skit which I won’t put in quote marks because I can’t remember it verbatim but basically he was like: why do you want to drink water in class? Why? Why do you want to drink water when you should be breathing in oxygen which is what your body needs. Your body hates water – you’ve had 24 hours to drink water, your body wants oxygen. I haven’t had a drink of water in seven years, here let me try it. URGH! It’s disgusting, why do you want to drink that, you’re all crazy!

It was pretty funny, I started to think he was deliberately trying to make us giggle to then get a chance to tell us off for losing our focus. He also did another little monologue, again, not verbatim: why are you looking at me like that? Have you been out all yesterday drinking lager? No? I was up all night drinking gin but you lot are so boring: ‘oh, no, I couldn’t possibly go out on a Sunday night, not with yoga tomorrow’. Boring. Bloody yoga has RUINED the social scene.

He’s pretty hard-line, too, calling people out for any fidgeting at all, not letting people in the front row sit out postures, forcing the newbies to try spine twist. He made those students sitting out toe get up and stand toes and heels together before savasanna, too, which I haven’t experienced before. But he said, we start standing series together standing and we close and honour it all together standing. And I thought, right on, brother. That’s awesome.

He even showed me where my toes should be in triangle, and helped me not lose my balance whilst I got them there, and said my back was “beautiful”. And he called me babe. Beamer! Anyway, I have decided that by next Monday my back and hips should be opened up more and I hope to be in his class then and be able to attempt at least one set of each floor pose. My gift to my favourite new teacher!

To conclude: a sidebar. Today was my 7th class of the 30 and the difference from day 1 and 2 is marked. I have less pain; I am more comfortable in savasanna; I can reach my heels in separate leg stretching; I’ve started to really open up and let the heat in again; there is NO daylight between my biceps and my ears; I fidget less and smile more.

If you’re going to class tomorrow, remember: you’re not on Daddy’s yacht.


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  1. I love that about making people stand at the end of toe stand. I always stand then because I feel like, I’m about to have 2 minutes to rest, I can stay upright. It makes me happy that someone else out there makes it a priority. I’d love to have a class with your teacher…he sounds fun!

    • Hi, thanks for commenting.

      He is a lot of fun, he’s a laugh and a half. And totally fearless.

      I thought after I had posted this that I wasn’t clear about his attitude, which I described as hard line. He is totally, totally ok with students sitting out postures but is clear that there is a right way to do it. So, if it’s during standing series you stay sitting upright so your head is above your heart; you keep your spine straight and you focus on your stillness and your breath. If during floor series you can lie down but still you must retain your focus. It’s an approach that I think students can really respect and relate to, which is partly what makes him such a good teacher.

      I love your blog, by the way!

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