Reblog Number Two

This perfectly succinct post from Wannabe (Bikram) Yogini – which, by the by, in itself is a very strong suggestion that a rethink on the blog title might be due – got me thinking about two things. A) the most feelgood feedback I have had is from teachers complimenting my weakest posture – at the time, triangle; and B) if I were designing a flag for bikram what would I put on it?

Wannabe (Bikram) Yogini

Okay, I could write a recap of class but it would pale in comparison to what my teacher said to me when I walked out of the hot room. It is the best feedback I have ever received.

“If they made a flag to represent Bikram Yoga, it would have a picture of your locked knee on it.”


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    • Aww, I suspect you are naturally a modest person but you are a yogi for sure – own it! :))

      My most feelgood feedback has come in two forms: 1) when my general practice is admired: now and again a teacher has told me I have a “strong” or a “lovely” practice, or that I clearly “get” the yoga which means a great deal to me; and 2) when my attempt or improvement is pointed out to me rather than my final expression, maybe in triangle most of all which is one posture which really frightens me.

      Are you going to class today? x

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