Thanks to Marina’s open handed friendship and enquiring heart, I’ve another place to drone on and bore people about Bikram yoga. Lucky!


Nothing beats practicing alongside fellow Bikram yogis; there’s such a strong and unified energy in the room when everybody is moving together through the posture series. During a 30 day challenge, the group energy is even tighter knit. I remember the first time I tackled such a month of consecutive Bikram classes; a bunch of us would see one another in class near daily, so we were never alone in going through the highs and lows of the challenge.  Reflecting back on it, the experience was nothing short of uplifting, and being supported by those fellow yogis spoke volumes.

Off the mat, connecting with Bikram yogis and studios over social media, mainly Twitter, has been fascinating. Outside the yoga room, the conversation and information received via a tweet-feed has added another dimension to the world of yoga – well, for me anyway. Being able to discuss the trials and tribulations…

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