New Rule

I wrote this a few days ago; today was actually day 13.

Today was Day 8 of 100. I completed my 30 day challenge on 6th June, and proclaiming with the fervour of the recent convert that the first rule of a 30 day challenge is that you go to class on Day 31, I went to class on 7th June.

I had to juggle slightly financially to get it done, which meant waiting a few days, but I bought an upfront 12 month bundle to continue and commit to my practice. This has raised a few eyebrows but it’s been a long, long time since I made a decision so unquestioningly. And this kind of brings me to my first point. People are so amazed and impressed by the 30 day challenge and I have to say I’m so, so grateful for all the support and kind words from all kinds of people – many who barely know me – I’m pretty positive I wouldn’t have lasted without them. But I’m revising my First Rule. From this vantage I think the first rule of any challenge is: you have to want it. You have to want it. It’s that simple. Not easy, but simple. Why over complicate it? If you decide this is what you want then everything else kind of falls into place behind that.

For such a long time now – years – I’ve been telling people I am working towards daily practice. “Daily practice is my ultimate aspiration” I would tell my friends and count the seconds til their eyes started to glaze over. And a few would ask “Why?” And I would grapple for an answer “I know it sounds extreme but it’s really good for you, and I’ll lose weight, and eventually I could train to become a teacher, and you pick up a lot about anatomy, it’s actually really fascinating/spritual/challenging/fun/whatever”. And what I’ve realised just over the last couple of days is that that is all bull – it’s simply that I want it. You know what else is simple? Screw you if you can’t get behind that.

Anyway, now I more or less am doing it – I more or less have a daily practice and that is what blows me away. This is the realisation that floors me: If you want it, it’s really not all that challenging. If I wanted and managed 30, why not 100? Why not 365?

Now, as I say, this is an expression of this vantage point. A somewhat philosophical expression which may not last through to Day 20. But knowing myself as I do, I will say this: if I stop it will be because I no longer want it, not because it beat me.

I love you, be well, see you in 12 days.


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