The more I practice yoga in stillness, the more intrinsic my practice becomes.

Achieving meditation through movement in Bikram Yoga is a challenge, especially when the hot room brings about a host of distractions: heat, sweat, thoughts about work stresses, the fear of falling out of a pose, or a mish-mash of all of the above that may inevitably lead to… Monkey Mind.

What is Monkey Mind? This is a Buddhist term which describes the persistent churn of thoughts in the undisciplined mind. As Bikram puts it, “The human mind is like a drunken monkey… that’s been stung by a bee…”

For some good advice, I sought the insight of 5 Bikram teachers on How to Tame Your Monkey Mind  – my current article on MindBodyGreen. I believe that ease is achieved through stillness, and it is this that can take postures to the next level. I also believe…

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