Inbetween Days

At this point – today – it’s crazy to think about going to class as I’m so weakened I’d be wiped out in minutes – like not as in “never too sick” but possibly under fed. But I can explain what’s happened to my challenge.

So, starting on day 33:

Thursday 19 July. Judiciously decided to skip class and bank a double cos it was my Egyptian friends’ last day in town

Friday. I got a cold and went straight home to bed after work

Saturday. In bed all day with cold

Sunday. All day interview prep

Monday. After work interview prep

Tuesday. Interview. Didn’t get the job, thankfully. After that my friend had free tickets to a jazz thing which was amazing. I could absolutely have said no and gone to class instead but I badly needed to see this particular friend.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Four days house-bound with stomach bug.

So the days I had thought were banks were Egyptian and jazz. But first day and a half in bed lost me interview prep time which in turn lost me class time. So the number of doubles in the bank now is top heavy, I think – and even tho doing 100 classes in 100 days is possible it’d be meaningless i.e., totally forsaking the idea of daily practice.

So today is day 43. I should be celebrating being almost half way through but instead I’m going to have to go back to day 1! I’m pretty fed up about it. No appetite, last few days I’ve had a chicken sandwich, an apple and some toast and that’s it. Water, milk, Lucozade, cranberry juice. It’d be madness to attempt class, even if I could manage the bus ride there.

I’m sure a person could make an argument around resistance to change and I would absolutely listen to that, I think it’s valid, but not 100% convincing in this run of bad luck and bad timing. I’m absolutely open to admitting a couple of those days were definitely resistance (tho’ in my defence class is a 4 hour commitment for me, including travel time) and I have thought about that a lot. But the illness and the not eating? Not sure.

Something I do resist and I’m aware of it, is taking medicines but I’m going to the pharmacy today. I would love to be strong enough to go to class tomorrow, I’m getting really frustrated.

Anyway, that’s the story!


2 responses

  1. First things first, get well! Recuperation is vital. As they say in the hot room, take it easy. You have the rest of your life to practise, and sometimes the hardest thing (and the most important) is to do nothing. If am feeling a bit groggy, and can’t go to the studio, I sometimes do a half-class at home (one of each posture), in as warm an environment as possible. We used to have a woodburning stove, which was great for heat. I just had to be very careful in the balancing postures not to wobble onto it!

    Going to a class is also a 4hr committment for me, plus childcare required during school hols. This is an issue in my family (maybe I allow it to be), and is one reason why I don’t do challenges. I’d love to live nearer a studio, like 10mins walk away, or work much nearer to one. My new job, in September, means that daytime classes will be out of the question. However, going to one after work means I don’t see much of my family. I’ll try to keep up 3 classes a week, but may end up changing studios for one a bit nearer to work.

    Good luck and good health to you.

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