Bikram Yoga A to Z: H for Hips

One of the great advantages of living in London is the wealth of yoga teachers we have leading the community here. Paul is one of the very, very best. If you have ever practiced under a particular teacher and thought “yeah, he was born to do this”, then you will have found someone of Paul’s calibre. Read his blog, it is informative and to the point, just like his classes.


Thanks to Cazbaz for this question/suggestion:

I’ve recently been told I have one hip higher than the other – just minutely – but it’s the cause of a lot of discomfort I’ve been having and am interested to research what I should concentrate on to rebalance if possible. Any tips appreciated.

triangle 1
Hip alignment is crucial to keeping your skeletal system in good health. Asymmetries can lead to tension and nagging injuries over time. Obviously, the first thing to do is see your GP if you’re pain or have an acute injury. Once you have the all-clear to practice Bikram it’s time to focus on strengthening the muscles around the hip and loosening tight muscles and tendons.

Muscle imbalance frequently causes injury. For example, if you focus on stretching your just your hamstrings it can make for tight hip flexors that pull on your pelvis and lead to misalignment. During the…

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